Fire Services

IIf you need smoke alarm installation, Sydney locals can rely on Deep Water Plumbing.  Our employees ensure that your fire services meet the requirement of all mandatory Australian Standards®. We specialize in fire protection, testing and routine maintenance.
Fire Inspection Services Sydney The NSW Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000 requires that the owner of a building, to which an essential fire safety measure is applicable, is required to maintain each essential fire safety measure in the building. Failure to comply with this legislation can lead to significant fines imposed by the authority having jurisdiction.
Fire Safety measures include (but are not limited to):
• fire mains and water supply services
• fire hydrants
• fire shutters & windows 
• fire doors
• fire dampers
• fire hose reels
• fire extinguishers
• smoke detectors and alarms
• automatic sprinkler systems
• emergency lighting 
• stand-by power systems
• exit lighting & signs
Fire Alarm Installation
Each year the owners of Class 2-9 buildings are required to submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement to the council which must be assessed by a properly qualified person. It is a requirement that the listed fire safety measures are capable of performing to a standard no less than that specified in the most recent Fire Safety Schedule.

Smoke Alarm Installation Sydney It is the owners’ responsibility to ensure that the inspections are carried out. Deepwater Plumbing and Maintenance Pty Ltd have the expertise to conduct the required inspections and prepare the Annual Fire Safety Statement. For the most reliable and affordable fire alarm installation, Sydney locals can get in contact with us today by calling Stan on 0419-277-159


At Deep Water Plumbing and Maintenance Pty Ltd we have a small electrical team but also work with other qualified experts to ensure that all your electrical needs are met. We coordinate your electrical requirements so you do not need to deal with multiple contractors.

Electricians Sydney;

If you need the best electrical services Sydney has to offer, you can rely on W.S Benchmark. As a premium qualified commercial electrician, Sydney CBD locals can benefit from our range of services. We have a small team of highly qualified electricians to make sure all your electrical needs are met. We will coordinate all your electrical and building requirements to take the stress out of dealing with multiple contractors.

No matter if you’re a CBD local or in the greater Sydney region, the team at W.S Benchmark are here to help you out. If you need to disconnect or move power outlets and switches, install a fuse box complete with new safety switch, move/remove walls, rewire your premises or require an experienced electrician familiar with the nuances of renovations, we have the skills, dedication and efficiency to get the job done

Commercial Electrician Sydney CBD

We’ve built a reputation for our outstanding electrical services. Sydney locals can enjoy peace of mind knowing all of our work is up to code – we’re fully licensed in all our electrical work. Each of our commercial electricians are fully qualified, trained and accredited. Contact W.S Benchmark today for top-of-the-line electrical services – our electricians strive to best in Sydney. Get in contact today by calling Stan 0419-277-159

Building Maintenance

We understand that it is important to avoid expensive and unplanned restoration costs therefore we work with clients to help them maintain their residential or commercial properties to a good standard.

Tell tale signs such as cracks in walls, crumbling plaster or masonry, bubbling paint, corroding metals, etc should not be ignored. The earlier intervention is instigated the more likely it is that the element can be saved and the costs minimized.

W.S. Benchmark can tackle all manner of repairs including the replacement of leaking gutters and down-pipes, assessment and treatment of damp related issues including rising dampness, waterproofing, concrete repairs, cleaning of gutters and installation of gutter guards, unblocking drains, etc.

We can help you prioritize the most important issues and instigate a maintenance program.

High Pressured Water Jet Cleaning
High pressured water is sent up the sewer and/or stormwater line, using varied pressure cutting heads, which pulverises root growth, breaks up sludge and debris, penetrates grease, and flushes out the line, leaving it completely clear. Jetters can drastically improve the condition of your drainpipes.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspections
A drain camera is a special closed circuit television (CCTV) The drain camera takes the guess work out of sewer and/or stormwater repairs. Upon clearing a stubborn line with a high pressure water jet cleaner, a drain camera can be used to locate the source of the problem. This ensures we are given exact information to determine a cost effective solution. With this drain camera image we can determine whether drain maintenance is the appropriate follow up or possibly excavation is required.

Pipe Locator
Should excavation be the solution, the pipe locator used in conjunction with the drain camera, is used to pin-point the exact location of the blockage. Pin-pointing problems can save time and money by preventing excavation in the wrong location.

Electric Eel
For blocked drains, when a water jetter is not suitable for the job.

Blocked drains
• Water Jetters - for those times when cable just won’t do
• Drain Cameras - to identify drain problems early
• Electric Eel - for normal blocked drains
• Hand Eel
• Removal of rubbish and debris

24 hour Emergency Services
• Do you have blocked drains or a burst pipe?
• Has your toilet, taps, pipes or roof started to leak?
• Has your hot water heater burst?
• Call DEEP WATER PLUMBING 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.
Our vans that deliver the service contain a comprehensive range of tools and materials and are equipped to provide a first visit solution to all customer’s needs. Each job can therefore be completed in minimum time, with maximum experience and convenience.

Gas fitting - LPG and natural gas appliances
• gas appliances - heaters, stoves, ovens
• leaking gas pipes
• gas hot water heaters
• gas piping, bayonets and heaters
• convert LPG gas BBQs to natural gas
• upgrade gas meters and regulators
• take care of all your LPG and natural gas fittings

Hot and cold water services
• hot water heaters and hot water systems
• water circulation pumps
• backflow prevention
• thermostatic mixing
• boiling water units
• water filtration

CCTV Drain CameraDWP

DEEP WATER PLUMBING can perform a quick CCTV (Closed Circuit Televison) inspection of your drains to find the ultimate source of your issues. DEEP WATER PLUMBING vehicles come fully equipped with CCTV onboard, meaning we can immediately get to work and have you back in business in no time

High Pressured Water JetHigh-Pressure-Water-Jetters

A water jetter is a specially designed high pressure pump that is used by plumbers to blast away blockages and clear blocked drains. Normally powered by a fuel generator, the nozzle is inserted into the blocked sewer or stormwater line through an inspection opening (access point).

• Bathroom Installations ie new sinks, taps, toilets, baths, showers and vanities etc
• Kitchen Installations ie dishwashers, garbage disposals, fridges with running water, sinks, taps, etc
• Laundry Installations ie washing machines, tubs, taps etc

Plumbing and water pipe repairs
• Pipe Locating
• Broken pipes located and repaired in walls and below ground
• Replacement of galvanised pipework with copper
• Strata repair specialists

Professional accreditation
• Licensed Plumber
• Member, The Master Plumbers' and Mechanical Contractors Association of NSW
• Thermostatic mixing valves and testing
• Backflow device installation and testing

• We can supply and fit a rain water tank system and absorption pit to suit any home situation.

Roof plumbing - repair, replace, install and gutter clean
• roof tiles
• box gutters
• downpipes
• gutter guards
• metal roof
• flashings
• whirly birds
• sky lights
• facia boards (metal and timber)
• roof inspections

Sewer Maintenance
• Replacement of clay pipes with new PVC pipework
• Whole sewer replacements
• Part repairs after collapses
• CCTV camera inspections

Storm Water Maintenance
• Cleaning of pits and lines
• High pressure water blasting
• Replacement of clay pipes with new PVC pipework
• CCTV camera inspections

Taps and Toilets
We can repair or replace any tap or toilet as required.

• Shower recess repairs and re-tiling
• Strata specialists

DEEP WATER PLUMBING work in conjunction with qualified tradesmen for the following services, wherever required:

All Electrical Services, Bricklaying, Building
Carpentry, Ceramic Tiling, Concreting
Glazing, Painting, Plastering

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